An Introduction to Programming in C# for Maths/Science Students

by Richard Pawson

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This workbook is intended for those who have no prior experience of programming, but who are planning to undertake a degree in Mathematics or Science, and are studying for, or have completed, A-level Mathematics.

You will be learning the C# programming language, but you will be learning how to use it in a very specific way, somewhat different to that taught in most books. You might imagine that because this book is aimed at beginners, this specific way of using C# is rudimentary or simplistic — but you would be wrong.

In this book you are going to learn how to write C# using the more advanced approaches favoured by professional programmers who like to stay at the forefront of new techniques. This means that you will be far better prepared for writing real programs in a higher academic or professional business context. Yet, provided you have a reasonable affinity with mathematics, you will probably find this approach easier than more traditional ones.