Functional Programming

by Richard Pawson - Foreword by Simon Peyton Jones

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View of download the VB.NET and Haskell version

‘Functional programming is not just another programming language; it is a radical and elegant attack on the entire enterprise of programming. It makes you think in a new way about programming…’ says Simon Peyton Jones in the foreword, ‘So I am delighted to see a book that introduces young people to the joys of functional programming.’

This is the first book on Functional Programming written specifically for A-Level Computer Science students, focusing on the principles of Functional Programming, and the benefits of adopting them.

Using practical exercises throughout, the student is introduced to the Haskell language, purpose-designed for Functional Programming, but also learns how many of the same patterns can be implemented in C# or VB.NET, and the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

As well as providing a deeper insight into the real nature of Functional Programming, this two-language approach makes it easier for students to apply what they have learned within their own A-level programming projects.